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Guess it's time for an update!

No one probably checks this much, since I dropped off the face of the earth for a while there, but just in case.

Long story short, I'm finally in the home stretch to getting a place to live I can actually afford. I sent the pre-approval papers in last week. Of course, it says the turnaround is up to 12 weeks for the next step (in-person interview, probably to make sure I'm not gonna trash the place). But at least I'm that much closer.

And that seems to have knocked down the last bit of the dam in my creativity, so everything is finally flooding out. Of course, it's heavily weighted on the lemon side, but that's something else I've had to re-embrace.

I like writing smut, and I like to think I'm decent at it. It's my go-to for getting back into writing. I'd just.. I guess lost sight of who I am as a writer for a while. So while there are some remnants clinging to my psyche, I'm getting back in the swing of things.

My epic fic ideas keep jockeying for position since they've been hanging out for roughly a year, so right now I'm focusing on entries for "First Tweak" until they make up their mind as to which one I'm supposed to take and run with.

They say time heals all wounds, and I guess this is proof positive. :)

I'm not dead yet!

I know it's been forever since I posted here.

Been through a lot, but mostly first world problems.

I worked through my writing wibbles, and "Two Plus Two" is in the process of being posted to Eternal Destiny, AO3, and Fanfiction.net. Chapters aren't going up nearly as fast as I would like, but I'm juggling a lot more things than I was back when I posted "One Plus One".

But I'm still around, even if it's not obvious. :)


That sinking feeling

As I said before, turning my rough draft into a first (much less a final) is being very much a learning experience for me.

And here's another lesson.

I'm going to have rewrite large chunks of the first several chapters to bring them in line with the quality of the rest of the fic.

The first several chapters suffer from me pushing myself because I didn't want to lose momentum, and my writing suffered because of it. The images aren't nearly as clear as they need to be. The dialogue is fine, for the most part, but I know I can do better.

At least it's not the whole danged thing.

*rolls up her sleeves and gets to work*

Once again, time got away from me

I'm still alive!

These last two weeks have just been lousy with meetings and appointments. My health is happiest when I have two or less of them. Last week I had six, the week before that, I had five. So I'm feeling a little bit like I'm being held together with sticks and glue at this point.

But I'm okay.

I'm also learning that old wounds really do leave scars, and the last time someone beta'd for me, I was in a very different, much more negative mental space. So it keeps trying to sneak in, like Naraku's miasma, and I have to be on my toes to deal with it. So the taking the first draft of "Two Plus Two" to final draft phase is taking much longer than I expected, all on my end. And actual posting will be much slower than I would like. But I know I will grow, and hopefully this current experience will make things easier in the future. I know that happened over the course of writing this crazy thing...

Now to edit my "Drizzle" entry for First Tweak. Deadline's tomorrow. *puts nose to the grindstone*


It's done.

With an unabridged rough draft clocking in at 101 chapters plus an epilogue and 417,114 words...

"Two Plus Two" is now complete.

My beta has already started editing the first few chapters, but since I do have an actual beta this time, posting will be slower than "One Plus One". He has a life, unlike me. ;)

Next week is insane appointment-wise, but I'm still going to try and get my two-parter posted.

But please don't think this is the end of my writing Inu Yasha stories. I'm still very active at firsttweak, and I have three stories that are frontrunners for getting my attention now that "Two Plus Two" is roughed out. Including the epic that "One Plus One" interrupted in the first place.

I know now beyond a doubt that "Two Plus Two" has to have surpassed the novel I worked on in high school. Considering I'm less than 10K short of having written the "Lord of the Rings" trilogy.. yeah. Definitely.

Here's to wherever my inspiration takes me next. *raises glass of sparkling juice*


Nearing the end

I'm currently working on Chapter 99 of "Two Plus Two".

It truly looks as though there is going to be a grand total of 101 chapters (as I said to a good friend of mine, that was absolutely NOT intentional!) plus an epilogue.

Since I'm closing in on the end, I've been sprucing up a two-parter I wrote all the way back last July that kind of acts like a bridge between "One Plus One" and "Two Plus Two". I'll be posting that in the next couple of weeks.

Then "Two Plus Two", if all goes well, will start posting in June. This has been such a huge endeavor, and there will be a shout out in the fic itself, but I really do have to thank auraxoxo for inspiring and supporting me through this. Actually finishing something so massive is a huge deal for me, and I couldn't have done it without her.

I spent this weekend writing like a fiend

And I now have up to Chapter 94 of "Two Plus Two" complete. I think I'm within ten chapters of finishing. That doesn't even seem really real.

Well, it does on one level, since for the first time ever, I have a beta. :)

If all goes well, I'm aiming to start posting "Two Plus Two" in June, though I will be posting a small two-parter called "Reckless" that works as a decent bridge between the two in the meantime.

Why June? Because then I'll know with more certainty whether I'll have reliable internet access or not (long, sad story, but hopefully the worst won't happen. Must be prepared for everything, y'know).

And in much happier news, I am absolutely shocked and incredibly happy right now. It may sound silly to anybody else, but I was a lurker in Inu Yasha fandom's earliest days, then left at the height of its popularity, only to come back almost a year and a half ago as a participant this time.

My firsttweak entry "In the Still of the Night" has been nominated at the Feudal Association!

Feudal Association is here: The Feudal Association

Link to the story is here: In the Still of the Night

Whoever the amazing people are who thought my scribblings are good enough for this.. thank you. I am truly honored. This is like being nominated for an Academy Award, in my book.

I feel like an absent-minded professor

So mired in what I'm doing that I rarely come up for air lately. Dealing with survival garbage on one hand, then escaping into the world of writing on the other.

I just finished up Chapter 88 of "Two Plus Two". I have now breached the 350K word mark and am heading toward 400K.

Holy macaroni.

And I thought this would be maybe a little longer than "One Plus One". I should really stop trying to ballpark fic lengths. Seriously. :p


Chapter 83

Of "Two Plus Two" is done. Chapter 84 is in progress. :)


Gotta get back in a swing of things

aka update this more often. :)

Up to Chapter 82 of "Two Plus Two" is done, and 83 is started.

I am well over 300K words, and on the way to 350K. I may be looking at 400K total now.

I will NOT rush this story because the word count is freaking me out.

IRL is slowly straightening itself out, but there are still quite a few bumps. I'll manage.